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Welcome to Dark Star Station! A Dyson Sphere built around a black hole. This mysterious technological marvel has no equal in the known galaxy. No one knows who built it, or how they built it, or why it was abandoned. The good news is that this magnificent relic still stands today! And you can trust that we, Exploration Inc., will do our best to put it to good use.

No matter the opposition to our efforts we will press on. Despite the Scrappers stripping this monument for raw materials! In the face of fierce resistance from the A.I. Custodian Remnants that roam the station! More effective than the Illumination Project, and their cries for cautious scientific study! Better aware of reality than the Scions of the False Moon, and their crackpot theories about this station's creators living on its internal satellites! And certainly not as terrified as those pansy Preservationists, squatters, one and all! We! Will! Claim! This! Station!

So join up today!

-Exploration Inc. Recruitment Advertisement.


Dark Star is a Lumen TTRPG about daring Explorers on a Dyson Sphere called Dark Star Station. Dark Star Station is a mysterious technological marvel that is unmatched in the galaxy. With your team of dashing adventurers you can explore the mysteries of this immense and unknowable station. Chart the mysterious Dark Zones, unpowered sections of Dark Star Station that could hold any number of untold riches or dangers. Sabotage Active Zones to drive out inhabitants or to save other nearby Active Zones. Search abandoned laboratories for Darktech, the advanced technology left behind by the station's creators. If none of these strike your fancy, you could always serve one of the various factions on Dark Star Station and help them achieve their goals!

Inspired by 1920's radio shows and Ratchet and Clank.

Dark Star is currently in development.  The game as is has all of it's content and is going through play-test at the moment. With your help we can get art for the game to get it looking nice and fancy.  Dark Star Ashcan edition is half price, and anyone who buys it will receive the full game upon release for free.

This game is Illuminated by Lumen, a TTRPG Engine by GilaRPGs. You may find it here


Background Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Banner by Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Title Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay


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